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      All Media Convergence

      Unified Voice and Video Services
      Supporting Broad Range of Communication, Internet, and IoT Devices

      On the Core Basis of IP Networks

      As required in individual projects, the systems and networks that can be optionally selected into ICP based solutions include Internet, private IP network, PSTN, 3G/4G/5G PLMN, Satellite GSP/Beiduo positions, legacy phones, IP phones, smart phones, heavy duty handsets, fax, shortwave radio, wireless intercom, IP intercom, video cameras, video conferences, GIS systems, Mobile SMS, Beiduo SMS, GPS alarms, online maps (Tiandi, Google, Gaode), offline map, WeChat, Facebook, Telegrame, and enhanced IM called Beacon fire.

      Note: The Beacon fire is an enhanced private IM that can be customized for each project.